Visual Studio Mobile Center

Starting a Test Run

This section provides instructions for initiating a test run with test suites that have been prepared for upload. To learn how to prepare a test suite for upload to Test Cloud, see preparing tests for upload.

Initiating a test run in Test Cloud requires the Mobile Center CLI tool.

With the Mobile Center CLI tool installed and upload preparation complete, initiating a test run is very straightforward as the UI will guide you through the necessary steps. Begin by navigating to the Test Cloud section within the desired app. Clicking the new test run button will launch a dialog which will lead you through the 3 steps of preparing a test run.

Device selection

Select the devices against which this test run should execute. This collection of devices can optionally be saved as a set for future use. To save the set, follow the on-screen prompts.

Test run configuration

Select the test framework, set the device locale, and select a test series. Device locale will determine the system-level device settings, such as language. For more on test series, see this section.

The generated command

Each selection from the previous steps will be used to generate a command which is used with the Mobile Center CLI to initiate a test run. For example, a command generated for an Android app with Espresso tests might look like:

mobile-center test run espresso --app "mobile-center-username/app-name" --devices a32b320b --app-path pathToFile.apk  --test-series "master" --locale "en_US" --build-dir pathToEspressoBuildFolder