Visual Studio Mobile Center

Getting Started

The steps below will ensure a project is ready to be used with Mobile Center Test Cloud. Note that this guide assumes automated tests in a good state and does not provide guidance for authoring new tests. For a new project or a project with no existing test suite, the supported frameworks section is a useful place to start.

1. Create a Mobile Center account

Create a Mobile Center account here to gain access to Test Cloud.

2. Install the Mobile Center CLI

Test runs are executed using the Mobile Center CLI. If not already installed, follow these instructions to install. After installation, run mobile-center login to link a Mobile Center account with the tool.

3. Create an app in Mobile Center

All test assets and operations are within the context of an app. Create the app project to be tested.

4. Review the core concepts

Understanding the core concepts of the Test Cloud experience improve ease of use, navigation, and communications with support. It is recommended to become familiar with these concepts before running your first tests.

5. Prepare the project for upload

Each test framework has different requirements for uploading to Test Cloud. Follow the appropriate test framework branch from this page.

6. Upload the tests

Return to the web interface and click the new test run button to begin the upload process. More detail on this process is available in this guide.