Visual Studio Mobile Center


The iOS SDK supports Objective-C projects, Swift 2.2 projects, and Swift 2.3 projects for iOS versions 8.0 or later.

Add Azure iOS SDK to your app

  1. Go to iOS Client SDK to get the latest Azure iOS SDK.
  2. Create an MSClient in your app to work with Azure features.

You will need:

  • your Mobile Center app secret, which you can find at by going to Mobile Center > your app > Getting Started > Manage app > App secret.

for Swift:

let azureMobileClient = MSClient(applicationURLString: "_https://mobile-{app secret}.azurewebsites.net_")

for Objective-C:

MSClient *azureMobileClient = [MSClient clientWithApplicationURLString:@"_https://mobile-{app secret}.azurewebsites.net_"];

Use Azure features in your app