Visual Studio Mobile Center

Advanced APIs

  • Debugging: You can control the amount of log messages that show up from the Mobile Center SDK in LogCat. Use the MobileCenter.setLogLevel() API to enable additional logging while debugging. The log levels correspond to the ones defined in android.util.Log. By default, it is set it to ASSERT for non-debuggable applications and WARN for debuggable applications.

  • Get Install Identifier: The Mobile Center SDK creates a UUID for each device once the app is installed. This identifier remains the same for a device when the app is updated and a new one is generated only when the app is re-installed. The following API is useful for debugging purposes.

      UUID installId = MobileCenter.getInstallId();
  • Enable/Disable Mobile Center SDK: If you want the Mobile Center SDK to be disabled completely, use the setEnabled() API. When disabled, the SDK will not forward any information to MobileCenter.