Visual Studio Mobile Center

Product Roadmap

[Last Updated - Dec 2016]

The list below presents the tentative roadmap for Mobile Center for the next 3-6 months.

New Mobile Center services:

  • Push Notifications
  • CodePush 
    • Fast track distribution for React Native apps
    • Users, Apps, Deployments and Releases from existing CodePush apps available in Mobile Center dashboard


  • Apps & data from HockeyApp visible in Mobile Center
  • Apps & data from Xamarin Test Cloud visible in Mobile Center
  • Organizations/Teams setup
    • Ability to create organizations
    • Ability to create teams with similar permissions


  • Universal Windows Platform (UWP) support
  • Full CLI support for Mobile Center operations to enable automation
  • In-app update feature for Distribution service

Build service:

  • Support for Visual Studio Team Services & Bitbucket as source code repositories
  • Support for React Native Android
  • Support for customizing your build definitions: secret variables, auto-incrementing of version number and build scripts

Test service:

  • Full feature parity with Xamarin Test Cloud
  • Support for Espresso & XCUITest

Distribution service:

  • Ability to invite users who aren’t part of the app collaboration group   

Analytics service:

  • Support for Events visualization in the portal
  • Support for live Logs Flow visualization in the portal
  • Support for exporting analytics data to Application Insights using common schema
  • Automatic page tracking

Crashes service:

  • Integration between Crashes and Analytics service for better understanding of crashes population 
  • JavaScript stack trace with sourcemaps available for React Native apps
  • Display of attachments sent from the Crashes SDK, in the portal