Visual Studio Mobile Center


Getting Started

  1. Integrate the SDK as described in the Getting Started with iOS documentation.
  2. Upload the symbols that are created with each build using the Incoming page under the app.
  3. Add a test crash to the app’s code by calling the generateTestCrash method of the crash reporting module as an action to a button.
  4. Run the app without the debugger connected, crash it and restart it.
  5. After a few minutes the crash report should be visible in the UI.

Uploading symbols

  1. Create a ZIP file for the dSYM package on your Mac.
  2. Open the Incoming page under Crash Reporting on Mobile Center of the app.
  3. Upload the zip file.
  4. After the zip file is indexed by Mobile Center new incoming crashes will be symbolicated.


  1. Why are crash reports not visible after a few minutes?

    Right now crash reports are only visible if they can be symbolicated. For that to happen the proper symbols (dSYM) need to be uploaded. There will be a UI available later that shows which symbols are missing and how to find them.

  2. What could be another reason for the crash report to not appear?

    Make sure the app doesn’t crash on startup, as the SDK wouldn’t have time to send the crash report. This is a limitation for any 3rd party crash reporting service.

  3. The symbols are uploaded but the previous crash reports are not appearing.

    As of now only new incoming crashes will be symbolicated. Processing pending crashes is on our roadmap.