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Getting Started

  1. Integrate the SDK as described in the Getting Started with Android documentation.
  2. Add a test crash to the apps code by calling the Crashes.generateTestCrash() method of the crash reporting module as an action to a buttone
  3. Run the app without the debugger connected, crash it and restart it
  4. After a few minutes the crash report should be visible in the UI


  1. Why are crash reports not visible after a few minutes?

    Make sure the app doesn’t crash on startup, as the SDK wouldn’t have time to send the crash report. This is a limitation for any 3rd party crash reporting service which is not possible to overcome.

  2. How can I see de-obfuscated stack traces?

    This is currently not supported but on our roadmap.

  3. Do you have an Android NDK?

    This is currently not available but on our roadmap.