Visual Studio Mobile Center

Setting up an Xcode project for code signing

When developing an iOS app, there are two ways to configure the Code Signing settings.

Automatic provisioning

The automatic provisioning settings let Xcode select what provisioning profile and certificate to use when signing a build. Generally, this is the approach recommended by Apple.

When building a project locally on the device, Xcode will use the automatically detected provisioning profile and certificate. In order to build your project with Mobile Center, make sure that the files you are uploading are compatible with the code signing settings in the project and in the project targets. For instance, if the Xcode project is configured to use a development code signing identity, make sure to upload a compatible development certificate to Mobile Center.

Xcode 7

When automatically signing an app with Xcode7, make sure to upload to Mobile Center the same type of provisioning profile as the one specified in your Xcode project configurations. Automatic provisioning Xcode 7

Xcode 8

The Automatic signing in Xcode 8 is truly automatic. In this case, the provisioning profile does not have to be specified at all and Xcode will generate a new provisioning profile locally that will work seamlessly for signing the builds locally.

In order to get Mobile Center to build your Xcode 8 project for development using automatic signing, make sure to upload the provisioning profile generated by Xcode (usually found under ~/Library/MobileDevice/Provisioning Profiles), and not a development provisioning profile from your Developer Account.

Manual provisioning

You can configure Xcode to use a specific certificate and provisioning profile to sign a build. Make sure that you upload the exact same files to Mobile Center.