Visual Studio Mobile Center

Configure Twitter

You will need:

  • A Twitter account with a verified email and a phone number.
  • Your Mobile Center app secret, which you can find by going to Mobile Center > your app > Getting Started > Manage app > App secret.

Register your application with Twitter

  1. Go to the Twitter Developers site and sign-in with your Twitter credentials.

  2. Click Create New App. Type in the following:
    • Name: app name
    • Description: app description
    • URL: https://mobile-{app id}
    • Callback URL: https://mobile-{app id} (note the https instead of http)

    The URI that is needed for the URL and Callback URL is displayed in the Identity page.

  3. Scroll down, read and accept the terms, and click Create your Twitter application. This registers the app displays the application details.

  4. Click the Settings tab, check Allow this application to be used to sign in with Twitter, then click Update Settings.

  5. Select the Keys and Access Tokens tab. Make a note of the values of Consumer Key (API Key) and Consumer secret (API Secret).

Configure Identity for Twitter authentication

  1. In Mobile Center, go to Identity, and click on Twitter.

  2. Enter the API Key and API Secret that you’ve collected and Save.

Your configuration is now complete. You can check that your app is configured correctly by navigating to https://mobile-{app id}