Visual Studio Mobile Center

Configure Google

You will need:

  • A Google account with a verified email.
  • Your Mobile Center app secret, which you can find by going to Mobile Center > your app > Getting Started > Manage app > App secret.

Register your application with Google

  1. Navigate to the Google apis website, sign in with your Google account credentials, click the Project dropdown and Create Project, provide a Project name, then click Create.

  2. Under Social APIs click Google+ API and then Enable.

  3. Go to Credentials > OAuth consent screen, then select your email address, enter a product name, and click Save.

  4. In the Credentials tab, click Create credentials > OAuth client ID.

  5. Create with the following parameters:

    • Application type: Web application
    • Authorized JavaScript Origins: https://mobile-{app id}
    • Authorized redirect URIs: https://mobile-{app id}

The URI that is needed for the Authorized JavaScript Origins and Authorized redirect URIs is displayed in the Identity page. On the next screen, make a note of the values of the client ID and client secret.

Configure Identity for Google authentication

  1. In Mobile Center, go to Identity, and click on Google.

  2. Enter the Client ID and Client Secret that you’ve collected from Google, and Save.

Your configuration is now complete. You can check that your app is configured correctly by navigating to https://mobile-{app secret}