Visual Studio Mobile Center

Configure Azure Active Directory

You will need:

  • Your Mobile Center app secret, which you can find at by going to Mobile Center > your app > Getting Started > Manage app > App secret.

Register your application with Azure Active Directory

  1. Sign in to the Azure classic portal, and go to Active Directory > your directory > Applications tab.

  2. Click ADD at the bottom to create a new app registration, and click Add an application my organization is developing.

  3. In the Add Application Wizard, use the following parameters to add the app:
    • Name: app name
    • Type: Web Application And/Or Web API
    • Sign-on URL: https://mobile-{app id}
    • App ID URI: https://mobile-{app id}

    The URI that is needed for the Sign-on URL and App ID URL is displayed in the Identity page.

  4. Once the application has been added, click the Configure tab. Edit the Reply URL under Single Sign-on to be https://mobile-{app id} (note the HTTPS).

  5. Click Save. Then copy the Client ID for the app.

  6. In the bottom command bar, click View Endpoints, and then copy the Federation Metadata Document URL and download that document or navigate to it in a browser.

  7. Within the root EntityDescriptor element, there will be an entityID attribute of the form followed by a GUID specific to your tenant (called a “tenant ID”). Copy this value - it will serve as your Issuer URL.

Configure Identity for Azure Active Directory authentication

  1. In Mobile Center, go to Identity, and click on Azure Active Directory.

  2. Enter the Client ID and Issuer URL that you’ve collected and Save.

Your configuration is now complete. You can check that your app is configured correctly by navigating to https://mobile-{app id}