Visual Studio Mobile Center


Azure Identity enables user authentication for your app without changes to the app backend. It helps protect your application and work with per-user data seamlessly. It is powered by Azure App Service Authentication / Authorization.

The feature support the following identity providers:

  • Azure Active Directory
  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Microsoft Account
  • Twitter

You can use multiple providers in a single app, and can choose to utilize client-controlled or server-controlled authentication flow.

  • Client flow (recommended): Use an SDK that a given identity provider publishes to establish identity and then gain access to Azure – this allows for better use experience and easier consumption of provider graph APIs.
  • Server flow: Use a single line of code from the Azure Identity client SDK to sign in users.

Getting Started

  1. Configure your app with a desired identity provider and establish trust with Mobile Center:
  2. Configure your app client to see Identity at work!