Visual Studio Mobile Center

Azure Services

Azure Services implements a backend for providing cloud-based services to your mobile application.

These services currently include:

Key Features

Identity management allows you to authenticate the users of your mobile app with a social provider or Azure AD (which includes Office 365 users). As a developer, you can leverage the identity providers SDK to authenticate the user, then pass that authentication to your backend to authorize the user to access information stored there.

Table Data Storage provides a SQL-like table storage capability. Data is organized into tables, and tables into rows. Data access can be controlled using the Identity service. The mobile client SDK for Azure Mobile Apps can be used to provide offline synchronization of the data. A copy of the data may be stored on the mobile device for performance and network resiliency.

Getting Started

When you first access any Azure Service beacon for the first time, you will be asked to link your subscription.

Once the subscription is linked, Mobile Center will automatically create an Azure App Service in your subscription. By default, the App Service is created in the South Central US region and on the F1 Free plan. In addition, a free SQL Azure instance (limited to 20Mb) is created to hold your data.