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Mobile Center API Service Documentation

Explore the Mobile Center API Service with swagger.

Getting Started

How to get an api-token from swagger and make calls to Mobile Center API?

  1. Navigate to and click on Authorize button on the top.
  2. Add your Mobile Center username and password in the Basic authentication section and hit Authorize.
  3. Once authorized, you will need an API token to call the APIs exposed in Mobile Center.
  4. Click on account to expand all the account management API and look for an API to get api_token with a POST request.

    POST /v0.1/api_tokens

  5. Once the API details are expanded, click Try it out button in the end. It would make a POST request using your authentication information.
  6. In the response body, copy the api_token value that’s contained in the json.
  7. Now click on the Authorize button on the top. Under Api key authorization section, paste the API key token value that you just copied.
  8. This API token will be used to make all subsequent calls to Mobile Center APIs. You can try out any API and see the response.