Visual Studio Mobile Center

React Native

Getting Started

This page gives a summary of how to integrate the SDK for Analytics. Should you need more details, the detailed integration instruction can be found at in the SDK section. The SDK section also contains instruction for using CocoaPods

1 - Add the SDK to the project

In a terminal window opened at the root of your React Native project, enter the following lines to add the Crash service to your app:

npm install mobile-center-analytics --save

2 - Link the SDK

Link the plugin to your app with the following command.

react-native link mobile-center-analytics

You will be asked for your app secrets for Android and iOS, and then asked the following question:

For the [platform] app, should user tracking be enabled automatically ? (Use arrow keys)
❯ Enable Automatically
  Enable in JavaScript

We recommend you enable automatic event tracking. To understand enabling in JavaScript, read more here.

3 - Analyse

Now build and launch your app, then go to the Analytics section. You should see 1 Active user and at least 1 session!


  1. Why are events not appearing in Mobile Center?

    Events passed to Mobile Center must have a name of type String. Moreover, the map of key:value pairs being passed to Mobile Center must be of type String:String. Passing objects and arrays will cause the method to fail.