Visual Studio Mobile Center


Getting Started

This page gives a summary of how to integrate the SDK for Analytics. Should you need more details, the detailed integration instruction can be found at in the SDK section. The SDK section also contains instruction for using CocoaPods

1 - Add the SDK to the project

  1. Download and unzip the SDK
  2. Copy the frameworks into your project in the appropriate directory
  3. Add MobileCenter.framework and MobileCenterAnalytics.framework to your project

2 - Start the SDK

Add the following to your didFinishLaunchingWithOptions delegate:

for Objective-C:

[MSMobileCenter start:@"{Your App Secret}" withFeatures:@[[MSAnalytics class]]];

for Swift:

MSMobileCenter.start("{Your App Secret}", withFeatures: [MSAnalytics.self])

Make sure that the imports are added.

You will find your app secret on the Manage App section on the Mobile Center portal.

3 - Analyse

Now build and launch your app, then go to the Analytics section. You should see 1 Active user and at least 1 session! The charts will get more relevant as you get more users.