Visual Studio Mobile Center


Getting Started

This page gives a summary of how to integrate the SDK for Analytics. Should you need more details, the detailed integration instruction can be found at in the SDK section.

1 - Add the SDK to the project

In your app/build.gradle file add the following dependency:

dependencies {
    def mobileCenterSdkVersion = '0.2.0'
    compile "${mobileCenterSdkVersion}"
    compile "${mobileCenterSdkVersion}"

2 - Start the SDK

Add the following to your onCreate callback:

MobileCenter.start(getApplication(), "{Your App Secret}", Analytics.class);

Make sure that the imports get added.

You will find your app secret on the Manage App section on the Mobile Center portal

3 - Analyse

Now build and launch your app, then go to the Analytics section, you should see 1 Active user and at least 1 session! The charts will get more relevant as you get more users.